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Raw Dogging a Flight, Project 2025 Update, Travis Kelce Crying, and Rich Seniors Banging in Texas! Plus, a Real-Life Gen Z Explains Why Today's Youth Hates Feet!

Podcast: Episode 8

This week on the podcast, Jen and Karyn discuss Project 2025 and people’s reactions to writers having opinions! And, everyone is raw dogging… but get your mind out of the gutter because it means a totally different thing now! ✈️ Plus, find out why Travis Kelce shed tears at Taylor Swift’s concert AND why the youth hates feet — with insights from real-life Gen Z, Sarah! And, rich senior citizens are banging in retirement communities — Karyn’s dad included! 👵🍆👴 Finally, get a surprise visit from Karyn’s mom, who moves like a vampire (according to Jen). 🧛‍♀️

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